Monday, June 29, 2015

Crazy Bird Duvet- What Will Chris Say?

So I ordered the following duvet from Pottery Barn.

Fauna Duvet Cover & Sham

I have to say that I am not really a Pottery Barn fan.  Most of it isn't my type.  But I saw this and went a little crazy for it.  I especially love how they styled it in this next picture, which is how I am going to try and make it work in our room.

Fauna Duvet Cover & Sham

Technically, I am not even supposed to be working on another room.  We have an informal one room at at time policy.  But, since I can't fix the wallpaper damage and that's Chris' job, I decided to branch out a bit.  Especially when the duvet was already on sale plus an additional 20% off.

I am seriously contemplating painting our bedroom navy, but it would probably give Chris an ulcer. He's going to Canada with the oldest two into Quetico in August, so maybe it can be a surprise?!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

White Bird of Paradise

I bought a $23 White Bird of Paradise Plant from Costco.  It looks like this.

White Bird Of Paradise

It's big like this and in our living room, and I am pretty sure Chris hasn't noticed it yet.  Don't ask me how.

I can't show you what it looks like in our living room because we lost our camera battery charger. But I can say it is exactly what our living room needed.  We got a kindle free with our new internet, and so as soon as I figure out how to take pictures with that I'll post what it actually looks like in our house.

And just for fun, here's the link to my pinterest page for all ideas pertaining to our  new house I may/may not be kicking around.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Am I Really Blogging Again?

Let's do this, inspirational poster, art, office, work. Brought to you by - Everything for your business.

Once upon a time I had a blog about our adoption from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Which, after the kids came home slowly morphed into a blog about whatever I wanted plus my family. Then it began to feel like a burden.  So I quit.

Then we thought we were moving to New Zealand.  Our house listed on the market, and sold almost immediately.  We didn't even have a job interview.  Things got crazy with interviews and job offers, including one in New Zealand.  Parents started freaking out that we were moving overseas.

Life was crazy, hectic, unsure.  And in the end, we didn't accept the job in New Zealand, awesome as it would have been.  We accepted a different job that was more in line with our future goals.

We bought a huge house for our huge family.   And here we go again.

I need an outlet.  You know, something to ease the transition of everything going on, redoing the house, venting (especially since we are currently friendless in our new community- no girlfriends to take pity on me for the fact that I just ripped wallpaper off down to the gypsum in the sheetrock....). The grandparents and old friends and family need to see the kids more often since we are even further away than we were before.

So we have Enter the Crazy.  Round two of Jess blogging.  No promises whatsoever of what it is going to be.  All I know is that it should be a creative outlet for me to let off some steam.

Buckle up!