Tuesday, December 13, 2016

What I Asked for Christmas

Chris is a terrible gift giver.  Like the absolute worse.  After 15.5 years of marriage I've learned it's really just best to give him a list.  Here's what's on it this year in no particular order:

1.  My Burberry Black Perfume

I haven't worn perfume in years and as I've gotten older I can't wear anything sweet smelling.  My Burberry Black falls into the spicy category and while I don't love it immediately after I spray it, the lingering scent is amazing and makes me feel like I come from old money.  I want to make this my signature scent. $95 for 1.6oz

2.  A New Watch
Image result for michael kors rose gold watch with leather band

My beloved Swiss Army watch broke a few weeks ago.  I've had it for 8 years and I literally feel naked without it.  It's a metal men's watch, and this time around I've been feeling like maybe a leather band.  I went to TJ Maxx and they had great name brand watches for much cheaper.  Then I found out that a jeweler in town can probably fix my watch.  So this isn't going to make an appearance under my tree, but at least I have a better idea for the future.

3.  Wicked Good  Boots
Image result for wicked good boots
Most of our house is tiled, and while I love it that my kids aren't getting carpet filthy, it's more than a little chilly in the winter.  As I write this it was -5 this morning, no joke.  I've worn to death a pair of slippers from Gander Mountain but they are so old and worn that there is literally no support in them at all not to mention the traction is totally gone.  These LL Bean boots/slippers would totally fill the bill.  They are technically indoor/outdoor boots, but the carpet we do have is white! so these would be inside only shoes.  I would wear them all day everyday.  $129

4.  Duluth Pack Scout Pack

I've kind of been obsessed with backpacks lately.  I only carry purses that have a shoulder strap, I hate having something in my hands.  But the backpack goes to the next level, total hands-free and behind out of the way.  I'm really drawn to the natural color in this bag, but can't imagine trying to keep it clean.  Handmade in Duluth, Minnesota.  $135

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