Friday, December 9, 2016

What We're Getting the Kids for Christmas

Lol whaaa:

As mom to 5 this just might be true....

I struggle every year on what to get our kids for Christmas.  I think that too many toys stifles the imagination and leads to kids being dependent on "things" for fun.  Plus we really want to instill in our kids that Christmas really isn't all about the presents; contrary to what most of America thinks.

This year we actually did end up going with toys.  I am still trying to make peace with it.  For our two boys ages 5 & 6 we went with Legos.

This for Moyz.

This one for Truitt although we got it on amazon prime and much, much cheaper.

Kembia is getting this doll from Walmart.  It's sold out online but we got ours in the store.

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That fox purse kills me.

Owen is getting the newest Diary of a Wimpy kid book, plus a hunting snowsuit as well as this awesome multi-tool with a hatchet on it.

Ava is our tough one.  She already got a pair of combat boots she wanted early.  She'll also be getting skinny jeans, a gorgeous winter hat- think hipster style, and a pair of mittens.  She's a tough one with very defined ideas on what she likes.

Other than that, we're going very low key.  Our kids have every thing they need.  We've been reading through the Little House books, and are constantly amazed at how few things they  had, but how happy they were.  We're all kind of feeling that simplicity is better.

We have one main Christmas tradition,and that's pomegranates in the stockings.  But Ava felt like we didn't have enough traditions, so this year we decided that every Christmas Eve we'll make oyster soup inspired by non other than the Little House books again.  Not necessarily the main part of the meal, but definitely present at our evening meal the night before.

Other than that the kids have their stockings which are filled with goodies to eat, and one other very tiny present, Kembia is getting a Hello Kitty robe that we found at the goodwill, of all places.  She's been asking for a robe for the last several months.  We definitely don't believe that presents have to be new.

We're also doing the paper chain countdown until Christmas, honestly mostly for my sanity.  Moyz asks me every day if it's time to open presents....

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