Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Books To Buy Right Now

I'll admit that most of my books come from the library.  Before 5 kids I bought a lot more of them, but now, not so much, because we need the money to feed them all....

I read the entire book before I realized it was part of a series... I didn't want that kind of commitment, but what choice do I have now?:

In 2015 I started recording every book I read.  In the last two years I've read 215 books and most of the books I'd say get from the library.  Here's a small list of books you should buy for your personal library.  (In no particular order.)

1.  Being Mortal

This book will absolutely transform your thoughts on dying and end of life care.  I cannot recommend it enough.

2.  Inkheart series

I love this trilogy which focuses on a book- loving father and daugher (Mo and Meggie).  Mo can read characters out of a book (can you imagine the possiblities!) which swap places with someone in the real world.  Filled with both amazing and terrible characters, I feel like these novels are fresh and exciting even after all these years.  Note, there was a terrible movie made from Inkheart, and if you've seen that first without reading the book don't let it keep you away from this series.

3.  A Gentleman in Moscow

This book follows Count Alexander, an aristocrat who was put under hotel arrest during the Bolshevik reign in Russia.  You will be completely charmed by Alexander and his ability to deal with his situation in a graceful way.  It made me want to live my life better and more thoughtful.

4.  Lessons From Madame Chic

This is the story of the author's year in Paris and the lessons she learned from two specific women there.  I loved this book which really focuses on looking at your life and living the very best life possible all the time.  Ideas like using your best china, having routines that value guests, only wearing clothes that you love and fit you perfectly.  In a nutshell, quite possibly a book that focuses on first world problems of fairly privileged people.  But that doesn't make it shallow, it makes you thoughtful about how you live your life.  And that should be a perspective that everyone has no matter their lot in life.  She wrote two books that continue this "Lessons" series.  You could probably get the other two from the library.

5.  Four Seasons in Rome

A food memoir focusing on a family and their year in Italy.  I kind of have a thing for Italian food memoirs.  It makes me want to eat better and simpler, and also I just cannot get over the descriptions of the Italian countryside.  Like sign me up and move us overseas immediately.  Two other food memoirs worth your time and possibly your money for a hard copy:  Bread and Wine and 1000 days in Tuscany.

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